Hanging around at Gare du Nord

And so it began at London’s St Pancras station. I boarded the first of eighty trains around the world, the 14:31 to Paris.


For most of the evening I lurked in Gare du Nord station just watching people come and go. Stations aren’t really somewhere that a passer-by can fully absorb while bolting for a train. But if you stop and look around, you realise what an incredible hive of activity stations really are. I loved watching people charging their phones by cycling and then a lovely man playing the piano in the evening sunshine. Almost all stations in France seem to have pianos for anyone to sit down and play at and I loved how he was unbothered by the crowd watching him play.


2 thoughts on “Hanging around at Gare du Nord

  1. Wilbur's Travels says:

    Just looked at your site – what a fabulous thing to be doing. Trains in Europe (and the world over) are a brilliant way to arrive and to do it 80 times in a condensed period sounds off the scale enjoyment wise.

    I look forward to the book and will check out your India version too.

    Happy training!



    • monisharajesh says:

      Thanks so much for your comment Wilbur! And your kind words. It’s enormous fun albeit a bit exhausting hopping from one train to the next, but it’s the best kind of tired. Do check out the first book and thanks for joining the ride.


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